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Our Retail Upholstery Service Line

At Stitch & Staple, we’re committed to providing the best retail upholstery, commercial upholstery and restaurant upholstery services at the most affordable price.

We’re built our business on a set of three core principles that guide our actions and help us to always strive for professional excellence.

If you choose us as your upholstery service provider, you can expect the following from every Stitch & Staple team member.


As a fellow business owner, you undoubtedly understand how important it is to trust the people you do business with. We make sure that every interaction with our customers, whether it’s retail upholstery, commercial upholstery or restaurant upholstery, is built on a duty to provide a service that’s second to none.

For us, working in retail upholstery means not only giving you one-of-a-kind furniture backed by over 30 years of experience, but it also means giving you the confidence that we’re always working for your benefit.

When you trust us with your commercial upholstery needs, you can rest easy knowing we’re working as fast as we can to the best of our ability to ensure that the trust you place in us is earned.


We’re proud of what we do at Stitch & Staple. We believe that regardless of whether we’re providing anything from commercial office upholstery to restaurant seating upholstery, that your business deserves complete consistency and uncompromising adherence to a strict code of professional practice.

When you choose us, you’ll quickly see that we’re committed to good old-fashioned service built on honesty and ethical business practices, which we believe sets us apart in the retail upholstery industry.

In a world where truthfulness and accuracy are often forgotten, we’re always pushing to stand apart and give our clients the service they deserve.


We understand that every business is different, and your needs are just as individual as the furniture we create for you. That’s why we’re 100% committed to listening to your concerns and providing you with the best retail upholstery service we can provide.

Your opinions matter, and we’ll always make an effort to see as much of your input added to our finished work as possible.

We’re always receptive to requests and happy to make additions or subtractions based on your needs, all with the hope of giving you the best commercial upholstery service possible.

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