What is Upholstery?

An upholstery overview

Upholstery comes in many different forms

Upholstery boils down to the service of textile and fabric covering to fixed pieces of furniture including lounges, chairs and bed heads. But Upholstery is not just limited to these types of furniture products, it can be applied to thousands of furniture type. As long as it involves the use of fabric and textile servicing Upholstery can apply.

What makes a good upholsterer?

Dealing with furniture can be a complicated job. You need to be able to transport it, de-construct it without damaging the structure then restore the piece to your satisfaction as the client. Being able to work with lounges, chairs, bar stools, bed heads, ottomans, pillows etc. This needs to be part of your chosen Upholsterers toolkit.

What if you want a custom upholstery job?

Then you’re not only looking for an upholsterer but someone who understands the design of furniture with the manufacture set up to produce the structure of your custom design.

You may not need to look too far for your next upholstery service. Stitch & Staple Upholstery is a master upholstery service who performs the above’s duty with expert craftsmanship.

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